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Welcome to our team news letter as an elite team member  where I intend to give out help and advice about building your business with NOW Lifestyle and this will include accidental income from other sources that we have to use when we are thinking outside the box as we work.

Ok so what do I mean with that statement?

Well when we are doing our advertising and promotions our main goal is to present our NLS business and it’s products and services , this will always be our main stay and income but to make it all work we need to employ a lot of other tactics to guide people interested in working from home to our NLS links and be able to talk to them from a wide range of places.

We already know to use places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and lots of other social networks but there are a lot more venues where millions of people gather and browse like safe lists, traffic exchange, Global promotions, Advertising forums, traffic generators, In fact the list is endless and a fact that many people seem to ignore that each one of these entities usually carry an affiliate program with them which mean you can use their tools and resources and add another affiliate ID to your port folio and this brings in another stream of income.

For instance many big programs use Click bank to auto ad products and services to their pages which mean if you are affiliated with them and you ad your Click Bank ID to it you will get paid for every product or service sold via click bank.

I will talk about this and much more in my news letters along the way but for now I want to give you some free down loads to help you promoting anything.

I know I have already given these out to some of you but here are the down loads below here so just click on the links and enjoy.

1/ Mail deliverability

2/ Massive marketing

3/ Quick check before mailing

Just click on each link and save it to your work space and then unzip it and each one contains a PDF files so you may need adobe reader to read them so please read and learn and I am sure you will find it all useful information.