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Hello and welcome to my place for knowledge about online marketing and promotions backed up by over 25 years of working from home and office experience that included many failures before total success raised my global stature in many ways.

Many people contact me for information hoping that I can give them a magic wand producing instant income from home but the reality is that it takes realisation, work and dedication to build a real and sustainable business on or off line, But what I can do is place you in a position to short cut a lot of trial and error and stop you from wasting your hard earned cash on projects that are doomed to failure from the outset.

Ok before we go any further let me show you some Q and A’s that I have had recently by e-mail:

  • question : can I become rich overnight?
  • Answer: NO
  •  question: can you help me to become rich within a couple of months?
  • Answer: NO
  • question: can I become rich simply by paying some money in and waiting for a while?
  • NO
  • question: can I expect a reasonable income within 30 days?
  • NO
  • question: can I expect to learn how to build a reasonable income within a couple of months?
  • YES
  • question: can I expect to have a full time income within one year?
  • YES

All the above questions are sent to me and lot’s mor besides and note that all questions are asking about money and income but in reality they should be about the business and it’s potential for everyone and most importantly it’s longevity because we need to feel secure in what we are promoting in the first place otherwise we are wasting our time and money.

You must have confidence in the business you promote and be fully convinced that it provide a completely legible format and performance with a good history so that you can work with confidence at all levels and be truly happy that you are talking for a truly viable business proposition .

OK for you to do your due diligence on companies you need to have experience over many years to really know what you are looking at and know what to look for in any business so if you do not hold many years of experience then follow me and I can show you where to be looking and I will give you business with tools and resources to be 100% successful and with 24/7 support that is there for you in all of your daily work.

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