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Hello and thank you for your time, as you will have noticed the abbreviation YLS Daily is short for Your Life Style Daily, and this short sentence is a basic description of a much greater meaning to everyone who would like to work from home on a full time basis for many different reasons.

For instance, you may be disabled in some way and find it difficult to get around and go out to work, which is the case for me because I am completely blind and it is easier for me to work in an office within the bounds of my own home giving me the option to work when I feel like it and never have to worry about getting transport to work, and to be completely honest I really no longer need to work at all but I love doing what I do and passing my knowledge onto others with an income that will continue whether I continue or not.

You may have other reasons for your own needs and just want a part time income to have extra cash for holidays or a new car or even a new home.

Some of the biggest reasons are to have a bigger income with time to spare to take time out to travel with family and friends and be able to generally enjoy a life of time and money freedom to do what you want in life when you want to do it and not be tied to a 9 till 5 job day in and day out.


What I see very often is people looking at advertising that is telling them they can make many thousands of dollars overnight but usually this is just a plan to get you to spend money in hope that you know what you are doing and yes some people can make a lot of money by driving others to part with their hard earned cash but 99% of people just lose a lot of money and have literally nothing to show for It, I have even seen in some extreme cases where people have even borrowed thousands of dollars to spend on such schemes and lost all of it, and the worst one I witnessed was a gentleman who lost his home in one such frivolous activity and ended his own life because of it.

WORKING AS AN AFFILIATE                                               

One of the best ways to secure a good and reliable income online is to sell products and services for other companies, This is not to be confused with promoting a website just to get others to join and make money as often this is illegal at worst and at best it will fizzle out and disappear as people stop paying to join because it has no real end products or services.


By far the best way to secure multiple streams of income is to do your due diligence on companies and products in a break down as follows:

  • Is the longevity of the company assured? , This is a difficult question but if you analyse it’s past track record you can make an educated assumption on it’s longevity.
  • Is the company viable in the long terms? ,Again you can usually get a good idea by looking at it’s past records and it’s plans for future growth.
  • Is the company solely owned or does it have shareholders? I prefer to go for companies that are solely owned and one of the reasons for this is that the company cannot afford to pay affiliates higher rate commission due to having to pay shareholders, And I also feel that a company floated on the stock market is generally unstable by nature which will greatly affect your affiliate income stream or even lose it all together.
  • Are the products and services offered developed and produced by the company in house or are they bought in? You need to know this for many reasons, this can affect supply if products are in short supply and cannot be reproduced quickly and also the price would be determined by supplier which is not good, It is far better if products and services are developed and produced in house carrying the company logo and conform to all legal standards.


You can most certainly do your own due diligence fairly quickly and easily but I promote for one such company myself and I back them whole heartedly because they have been paying me for over 20 years now and I see no evidence to tell me any reason they will not be here in another 20 years because they constantly develop new products and services every year.

It also allows to break each product or service promoted into separate streams of income which means if one products goes out of fashion it makes very little changes to your income .


This is a bonus worth having as it is a constant income on top of your sales commissions because it is a 2×2 binary matrix, It works like this:  If I introduce John to our product and he likes to stay in the company and he introduces two more people I do not get paid commission from people that john signs up but I do get a percentage break down from all products that John and his signups sell, the percentage is small but imagine I signed up ten people and each one signed up 2 people that makes 30 people making sales below me, I am not going to tell you how many people I have signed up but I will tell you it is well over 100 and I get paid in ever decreasing amounts down six levels so you can have a rough guess how many people below me are creating towards my total income.

I should also tell you each and every time I make a sale I get a new member and I place those people under the people who already signed up with me which mean I am building their matrix as well helping them to grow their business which brings me to the next point in this arena.

A BUSINESS NOT A JOB?                                                             

When you start selling products and services you must remember that you are not working for the company as an employee but instead you are creating your own business and you must treat it as such and what I mean by this is that you cannot expect to make money until your company is in profit, I can guess that should make sense?.

So you will need to ensure the longevity of your own business so that it can pay you big dividends long into your future so for instance let us give you an example, if you decided you need an autoresponder and you bought one as you joined our company, this would cost you $25. Per month, now you promote and resell six autoresponders this would pay you $75. Per month commissions and so now you have to calculate that you have $25. Per month to pay out and $50. To use to grow your business a little more and you could buy leads to put into your autoresponder which will talk to the leads you just bought which could possibly get you another ten sales so now you have $200. Per month commission leaving you with $175. Per month to spend on growing your business which could mean more leads or buying into another one of our product lines of which we have many to choose from , so by the time six months have elapsed you will gather you will be getting a lot of commissions and you can now put some in your bank account and some into your business growth depending on how fast you want it to grow.

I hope I have not over simplified that but you can see the potential of this business and in reality it belongs to you and like me you can create a really great future with it all, if you already have a full time job I Highley recommend doing this part time for a short while until you have sufficient commissions to quit your full time job and start doing all you need with this and enjoy time freedom and money.

You do not have to make a decision right away because you can signup and get a totally FREE account and read all the information in your own back office and decide if it is for you in slow and easy steps by simply CLICKING HERE.

You can also see a little more about all of this on my official website where I show lots of the items products and services that we offer  to a totally global business audience at : https://www.nigelpearcey.com

Yours most sincerely

NJPearcey (author)