Another year soon closing

What have you achieved during this year overall?

It has been a successful year for me so far and I am now looking at Autumn and end of year festivities as well as making plans for 2020 because I am lucky enough to have consolidated a really good income from home and can just concentrate on plans for the future along with setting up celebrations for festivities for my family to enjoy during the festive season about to arrive. 

I never forget those less fortunate than myself and I have had rough times also in life but thankful to have been able to get myself into the happy position that I hold onto right now and I urge everyone to read my story on this page and see what I do and how I arrived into this position and hopefully will help you to get an income from home and improve your life just like I do so please read what I have to say below here.

watch the tour and read my story below

About NJP and it’s origin to promoting for NOWLIFESTYLE with extreme prejudice

Hello and welcome to my pages here at NJP Business directories where I get the opportunity to give you the real insights to what I do and how I do it all year around from my little office here in the UK posting to a world wide audience.

I bet you think that all sounds a bit grand?, well it certainly is not, I also bet you think I am some sort of very clever entrepreneur?, well I am not.

Look the up front and honest truth is that I am just your plain ordinary guy with average or below average intelligence  and as stubborn as anyone could ever be in a world where we all try making a way to live and do more than simply exist day to day and that is fact.

I see thousands of so called whiz kids out here who have had a brilliant education and gained high levels with diploma’s and certification in all sorts of area’s and yet they fail to make a living online.

Don’t get me wrong here I would never knock a good education but often these people lack drive, ambition and dedication to one project seeing it through to finality of completed success and this in general is what prevents most people succeeding in business.

What I am trying to convey to you here is that YOU can do anything you want in life and the trick is that you have to really want to do it and stay focussed on your goals one step at a time and you will achieve your dreams and ambitions no matter who you are or what your back ground may be and this includes being well educated or not so if you read this entire page you will understand me and my back ground and learn about what I do now and how I arrived here after years of doing many different jobs.

Ok so here we go as I liberally give you a brief over view of my life from the beginning and I know many of you will relate to some parts of it as you read onwards, I grew up in a tiny village in the UK the population was less than 400 and I began my school days at the age of five, I was bullied by lots of other kids at the time but eventually I learned to fight back and got into a lot of trouble for fighting but no-one really looked into why I did it but basically it was caused by other kids constantly attacking me and did not like it when I attacked them.

When I reached the age of eleven I had to sit an eleven plus exam which was to determine whether I moved onto grammar school or secondary school, and I knew a lot of grammar school kids that I did not like and also I knew my mum and dad could not really afford to be buying me a grammar school uniform so from the outset I decided I would ensure that I would fail the exam and sure enough it worked and I was sent to secondary school.

So my main learning curves had begun in life because now I knew I could fight and win even when faced with kids much bigger than me and also I had changed my future simply by failing one exam and this told me I had great control over anything I want to do in life and not one single other person could stop me doing what ever I want in life.

So that was it and I got away from school at the earliest opportunity and this was at the age of fourteen I left and began work as an apprentice brick layer for a local builder but this only lasted for about a year as I became bored and started looking into other avenues and went to work on an arable farm growing wheat, barley, oats, oil seed rape and potatoes, I learned to operate all kinds of farm machinery including a huge grain drying system and not only learned about farm machinery and crop growing and rotation I also learned about the companies that we grew potatoes for like Chip munk and Golder wonder which made me begin looking at the wider world.

After two wonderful years of arable farming I went north to West Yorkshire and began working for British gas and learned about coal gas and natural gas as I helped to convert pipe lines across towns and cities to natural gas for about 18 months when I then joined the British army where I learned a lot of other skills and became a driving instructor for class two vehicles and taught many people to drive lorries and other vehicles.

When I eventually left the army I went to work again on another arable farm in the south of the UK in Hampshire where I stayed for a further two years before moving back up north and opened a business of my own servicing and repairing variomatic driven cars and it was very successful but after about nine years the manufacture of belt driven cars ended and I decided I did not want to move into repairing general cars and so I closed the business down and went to work as a factory manager for a plastic extrusion company.

I did many different jobs in between and attended many courses to educate myself in engineering and learned to build and repair petrol and diesel engines, whilst also running cnc machines and plastic extruders including injection moulding on an industrial scale and proved that even a dumb ass like me can do anything I want to do and so you can also all you need is the drive to do it.

So the story does not end there and in 2004 I suffered a massive heart attack and spent many months convalescing before I could go back to work remembering that at this point I lost the use of my whole left side so I struggled to walk or do anything much but I was adamant I would return to work and sure enough I gradually got feeling back into my legs and arm and finally I went to work making and delivering cutting forms all over the country enjoying meeting many different people at various printing companies in different towns and cities.

So that part of my life ended in 2014 when I lost all of my eyesight, YEP I am now blind and in the dark, This happened to me literally overnight when I had been out late at night working and drove home then had a shower and went to bed, I awoke the next morning early and turned on my bed side light but it failed to come on so I went to the main bedroom light but that failed to come on also so I called out to my youngest son in the next bedroom and asked him to check the trips on the electricity because the lights did not come on and he came to the door and exclaimed “the lights are on dad” and at this point we both panicked and he got me to hospital where we were told that both my eye ‘s had filled with blood due to burst blood vessels in the back of my eyes.

That began a series of operations to remove the blood and attempts to recover my eye sight but unfortunately it had damaged both of my retinae beyond repair, So now I had to face no more car, no tv, no cinema, and lots of other things I could no longer do but above all of this I still had drive and determination to work I just had to figure out what and how to do it.

This is where I got the help of a charity called the Blind Veterans Association who have helped me immensely because I was in the British Army .

They taught me to type again using sound on my computer, they gave me a talking oven to cook with and many other items to assist me on a daily basis and in short they have been a fantastic help to me and many thousands of other people .

So from here I learned to write websites just like this one you are on now and I did it all by sound, so now do not tell me you cannot do this also because I have proved beyond any shadow of doubt anyone can do this no matter what you are faced with in life and building an income right from your computer is easy provided you just give it time and patience along with drive and determination in achieving your goals one step at a time.

Look I now have created a business directory and various other elements in this very website and this is because I have money and free time to do it all due to one business that I promote for and it is something you can do also no matter who you are or what you do right now, you will see my promotions all over this website because it is my main stay and income and I am more than happy to tell you more about it by email if you are interested by writing to me at : nigeljpearcey@njpbusiness.com  .

Basically the company I promote for delivers real and tangible products as well as digital products and it also owns the hosting company for this website along with millions of others, It is estimated that the company in total value is over $360000000 and is paying out millions of dollars to it’s affiliates like me all over the world every month and if you want to have an instant preview now? SIMPLY CLICK HERE TO GET A FREE ACCOUNT!!

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