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ipostbook communications is launching and taking on new members in initial trials, this is a social platform just like facebook and many others but the difference is that this is a paid platform to irradicate the problems of free membership and people who do not care about others and what they post.
We are setting the subscription charge at $4.95 per year which is minimal but sufficient for us to connect payment info with info given on accounts to help us to ensure you are who you say you are and all members will be assured that everyone has paid to be a member.
We are also working on installing a mobile apps for IOS and Android which will be activated once the membership exceeds 1000 members so that you can all connect using your mobiles.
Ok so the bottom line is that a yearly membership will cost $4.95 per year but to launch our platform we are giving away 100 discount codes which will reduce the cost to just $1. for the first 100 members.
So if you want a first year membership with us for just $1.00 please go to  and fill in the form provided there and when you are sent to the Paypal payment option please enter your discount code as: launchipb01 and your full discount will be applied before you pay the $1.00.
We are using Paypal only but this also gives you options to use credit and debit cards in your Paypal account if you wish to do so.


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